Not only is Las Vegas a world-famous vacation destination, but it's also one of the fastest-growing cities in America. Most people are attracted to the nightlife and the warm weather here. Here are other key reasons why people are interested in real estate in Las Vegas.

1. No state income tax - Many people move to Nevada, so they don't have to pay state income tax. The state makes money from casinos, tourist attractions, and an 8.25 percent sales tax.

2. City of entertainment - Las Vegas offers continuous music, dance, and comedy shows night after night on The Strip, which is why it's considered an entertainment capital.

3. Thriving job market - The city is full of tourism and hospitality jobs, with plenty of restaurants and bars.  However, it's also a city with job opportunities in high-paying industries such as technology, global trade, and healthcare.

4. Great place to retire - The combination of warm weather and affordability make Las Vegas a favorable place to retire.

5. Sports - Las Vegas is home to over 70 golf courses. As a growing major city, it has attracted several pro teams such as the Raiders NFL football team, the Golden Knights NHL hockey team, and the Aces WNBA women's basketball team.

6. Outdoor activities - Hiking is a popular outdoor activity in places such as Valley of Fire State Park and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Mt. Charleston is also a well-known ski resort in Las Vegas.

7. Affordable living - The city is surrounded by desert, so there's plentiful room to expand. Energy costs are lower than the national average, and property tax isn't as expensive as other large U.S. cities.

8. Great weather - The city typically has 310 days of sunshine per year. Winters in Las Vegas have minimal rainfall, accompanied by comfortable temperatures.

9. Rich suburban lifestyle - The affluent neighborhoods provide a wide range of recreational opportunities at parks, lakes, and bike trails.

10. Best-in-class restaurants - Las Vegas is celebrated for its top-quality restaurants that rival any other major city.

Weather, affordability, and endless entertainment lure Americans to explore real estate in Las Vegas. Many hotels double as music venues featuring popular vocalists, giving you multiple entertainment options. Contact Valerie Brown (702) 826-1545.