2023 Design Trends Couch, Pillows, Plants, Pictures, Tables, Green Gray Paint2023 Home Design Trends

The new year is an opportunity to give your home a design refresh. Whether you love to update your home’s design regularly or it’s an initiative that you take on infrequently, a fresh design scheme can help you begin the new year in a home that feels updated, renewed, and uniquely you. If you’re considering updating your home’s design in 2023, read on for design inspiration to incorporate into your 2023 plans.

Multi-function spaces
Looking ahead, rooms in a home should be flexible spaces. Rooms that serve multiple functions make the house more livable, accommodating to everyone who lives there and suits your current lifestyle. This could mean a library that doubles as a homework space, a piano room that is also an office and a kitchen that is a dining, homework and entertaining hub.

Wellness areas
In a post-pandemic world, focusing on health and wellness is at the top of many people’s minds. As a result, building in-home wellness areas that go beyond the treadmill may be appearing in many more homes. From meditation spaces, heated yoga rooms, massage tables, all-encompassing home gyms and recreational elements such as golf simulators, putting greens and sports courts, maintaining a healthy body and mind begins at home.

Outdoor living rooms
During the pandemic, there was an uptick in designing fully livable outdoor spaces. This trend is here to stay, as these welcoming outdoor spaces bring additional living space to your home nearly year-round. Treating this outdoor area as an extension of your home could include incorporating a roof over a portion of the room, an outdoor kitchen, heaters, an outdoor TV and accommodating furniture that mimics an interior layout.

Parting with minimalism
Stark, neutral homes with minimal decor and ultra-clean lines may start to dwindle. Instead, many homeowners and design enthusiasts may embrace a more traditional flair in 2023. Darker, moodier paint colors, rich wallpaper, solid wood furniture, patterned upholstery, and window treatments with detailed taping and layering plenty of textures will create a traditional yet fresh feel.

Say goodbye to fast furniture
Impulse furniture pieces from big box retailers will likely be a thing of the past. But, if you impulse purchase desks, chairs, office furniture, or other pieces to accommodate your at-home pandemic lifestyle — and those pieces are falling apart — you are not alone. From delayed shipping timelines to poor-quality items, many consumers will be focused on investing in high-quality, heirloom-style pieces moving forward. Whether it’s a custom furniture item or an expertly crafted antique piece, investing in pieces with longevity will be at the top of many people’s shopping lists.

Fill the space with what you love
Ultimately, you’re the one who decides what comes in and out of your home. So selecting the furniture pieces that make you comfortable and the design features that bring you joy will never go out of style.