3 Winter Staging Tips


What a difference a few home accessories can make to a listing's decor! Just by complimenting—or swapping out—current accessories with layered textures, vignettes, and blending in warm hues and natural elements, you can create a beautifully staged home. This is staging made easy, and here are a few ideas to get you inspired.

1. Coffee counter vignettes

Hot coffee and crisp winter weather are a perfect combination! With coffee being the most popular beverage in the world, staging coffee vignettes are a no-brainer. Having a cup of Joe is a morning tradition, and with the rise of in-home consumption and brewing, coffee vignettes speak to the buyer and help them envision a home where they can sit and relax.

Keep it simple! You can anchor your vignette with a tray filled with mugs, a sign, greenery, a coffee press, and whatever else suits your fancy. A coffee vignette will be a small focal point in the kitchen but can make a big impression on buyers.

A collage of different kitchen coffee serving displays for staging in winter

2. Feature fireplaces

Winter brings out the desire for warmth! Arrange a room so that the fireplace becomes the focal point and will make buyers feel warm and welcome. Help buyers envision themselves living there and kicking their feet up by the fire. Drape a cozy fur or knit throw onto the sofa to add to the ambience.

A collage of different staging in living rooms featuring fireplaces

3. Warmer color palettes

Welcoming warmer color tones into a room sets the stage during the cooler months, too. A color scheme that reflects the changing colors of nature will stand out and create a calming, updated, and inviting vibe to the space. Be creative and don't get locked into only using rich, vivid hues if a neutral color scheme works better.

Brighten up a room with décor by just swapping out pillows, adding texture through accessories, and adding greenery and a mix of patterns. Staging with a mix of lighter and darker hues can make a room come to life, and it doesn't hurt that these colors are on-trend too.

A collage of different living rooms for winter staging


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