Features That Can Make Your Home Harder to Sell and What to Do

Some home features can have polarizing opinions — some people may love them, while some may be deal breakers for others. While these features won’t prevent your home from selling completely, it’s helpful to understand them so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises when listing your home. If you plan on selling your home, familiarize yourself with features that may make your home more challenging to sell so that you can play up your home’s other selling features.

In-ground pool
The benefits of an in-ground pool are often impacted by the region of the country where the home is located. For example, an in-ground pool is a strong selling point in areas where it’s hot year-round. However, if you live where the pool can’t be used year-round, the level of maintenance and space the pool occupies on the property may deter buyers.

What to do: If you’re selling your home and already have a pool, work with your real estate agent to market the pool to buyers looking for this specific home feature. Whether the home is listed on the private network or marketed directly to other agents who have buyers looking for an in-ground pool, getting your house in front of the right buyer is the secret to your house selling.

Lack of curb appeal
If your home’s exterior lacks curb appeal, buyers can often decide on your house before entering. Regardless of how the home’s interior presents, a home that has unsightly architectural details or appears neglected can deter many buyers.

What to do: While you don’t need a complete exterior overhaul, ensure that the landscaping is presentable with a weed-free maintained lawn, trimmed shrubs and hedges, and planters with fresh flower arrangements. In addition, all exterior lights should be working, and any painted surfaces should be free of chips. Also, since most homebuyers begin their home search online, take beautiful, professional photographs highlighting your home’s interior selling points. Ensure these photographs are so memorable that buyers can’t wait to see the interior as soon as they arrive.

Lack of privacy
While some buyers are looking specifically for a home close to the school, park, train tracks, restaurants, and shops, other buyers may feel that this location is too busy. These adjacent amenities can result in too much traffic, noise, and people.

What to do: Install privacy measures the best you can. Window treatments, landscaping, and fencing are all solutions to block out noise pollution. This is another scenario where working with your real estate agent to market your home to buyers looking for these specific amenities will be largely helpful to marketing your home to the buyers looking for these location amenities.

Tile or LVP flooring
Hardwood flooring tops many buyers’ must-have lists. Tile or luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring throughout the home can cheapen the home’s overall look and feel. While these flooring materials are durable and great options for spaces such as laundry rooms or mudrooms, they don’t provide the same value as hardwood flooring.

What to do: Ultimately, wanting to replace flooring in a home shouldn’t be a dealbreaker if the house has all the additional selling features on a buyer’s must-have list. If areas of the home experience additional wear and tear, such as the mudroom, basement, or laundry room, highlighting the durable flooring options in these spaces can make these spaces more appealing.

While there are home features that may make your home harder to market, in the end, it only takes one buyer. Working with your real estate agent to strategically market your home to these buyers will help ensure your unique property stands out to the buyers looking for your specific home features.