White Room, Woman Tidying Up

When you’re selling your home, it may feel like you’re living in a space that is no longer yours. From people coming in and out, storing your treasured personal items and photographs, and always ensuring the house is show-ready, you may feel like you’re walking on eggshells until you accept an offer. Having a checklist to consult can help keep your home ready to face potential buyers. If you plan to list your home, keep this pre-showing checklist on hand so you can tidy up quickly and easily.

Clear the surfaces
Before any potential buyer comes into your home, all surfaces should be cleared. Countertops, tables and command stations are particularly prone to attracting papers, mail, miscellaneous items and other belongings.

Have an easily accessible clean-up basket
Lessen the stress of feeling like every item needs to be put away by keeping a laundry basket available to sweep all clutter into before any last-minute showings. Then, when you leave the house, you can put that laundry basket in your car and put away the items when you return home, post-showing.

Lock up valuables
Regardless of intentions, potential buyers coming through your home are still strangers, so it’s essential to lock up your valuables when your home is on the market. Whether you store your items in a locked safe at home or a safe deposit box at the bank, it’s better to be safe than sorry and keep your prized possessions out of sight.

Tuck away pet supplies
Even the most enthusiastic dog-loving home hunters want to see a clean, pristine home where they can imagine living. So before showings, empty your pet’s food and water bowls, and tuck them away in a cabinet or drawer to create a cleaner overall presentation.

Have a shoe station
Having a designated place for buyers to take off their shoes is a good reminder, especially during the rainy spring selling season. A shoe mat, sign and disposable booties will encourage buyers to remove their shoes and avoid tracking in mud, dirt and debris through your home.

Give your home a final clean
Before leaving the house, give it a final freshening to help it sparkle, shine and stand out to buyers. Below are some quick tasks you can complete to make a significant difference:
-Allow light to shine through by opening all curtains, shades and blinds.
-Leave off recessed lighting, but turn on all task and accent lighting, such as lamps, sconces, pendants, chandeliers, etc., for an ambient glow.
-Ensure the kitchen sink is clear of dishes and wiped clean.
-Wipe down all countertops and fixtures for a fresh shine.
-Empty all trash cans.


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