How to Find a House That's Likely to Increase in Value

While there is no crystal ball, when you’re looking for your next home, think ahead to a day when you might want to sell it. Renovating your house is one way to increase its value, but it’s not always necessary. A house in the right area can appreciate without you having to make any upgrades. No one can predict the future, but certain characteristics of a geographic area tend to be associated with rising home values.

Strong Economy
The strength of the regional and state economy affects demand for homes, the amounts that buyers can afford to pay and property values. An area with a relatively low unemployment rate and lots of jobs that pay well is likely to attract homebuyers. Increasing demand for houses can drive up prices.

Good Schools
For buyers who have or plan to have children, the quality of the local schools is of paramount importance. Houses in districts with high-performing schools tend to rise in value over time. When looking for a new home, pay attention to school quality, even if you don’t plan to have kids or your children have already graduated.

Local Businesses
Homebuyers look for properties that are close to things they need and want. Houses that are surrounded by successful businesses and that have convenient access to transportation are likely to increase in value.

Look for a house that’s near grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment, a highway and public transportation. The value of such a property is likely to rise in the future.

Planned Development
When houses are built and new businesses open, the local economy generally improves. Home construction draws people to the area, and they patronize local businesses and boost the economy.

The renovation of a school, the construction of a new entertainment venue, the expansion of a park or the improvement of a highway system or public transportation network can also contribute to higher home prices. Those types of projects benefit the community as a whole and improve people’s quality of life.

When you research properties, ask about any development projects that are currently underway or that are scheduled to begin in the coming years. That can give you insight into the future state of the local economy.

Low Crime Rates
Research crime rates in an area where you’re thinking about buying a house and pay attention to recent trends. Declining crime rates indicate that leaders and residents are investing in the community and working to improve safety and quality of life. People want to live in that kind of area, which means demand for homes and property values are likely to go up in the future.

Ask Your Agent for Advice
Real estate agents have a wealth of information about the communities they serve. Ask your agent about an area’s current characteristics, recent trends and upcoming changes and use that information to find a home that will be likely to increase in value.