Staging in the Primary Bedroom really matters and here is why!
When Sellers think about putting their home up for sale, of course, they want top dollar, and of course, they want the Buyers to see that value. As more homes come to market, consequently, more and more Sellers are competing with one another, in neighborhoods or nearby communities. The one real tried and true way to set your home apart, get top dollar & make Buyers fall in love, is staging.  Getting your home staged doesn't have to be expensive, costly, or unachievable. Working with what you've got, mixing it up, and reducing it down usually does the trick. One of the main rooms we all spend time in, is our bedroom. So it should be no surprise that home buyers spend a lot of time in the bedroom, so no surprise staging the master bedroom is critical when listing a home.


According to the National Association of REALTORS®' Home Staging Report, 51% of real estate professionals believe staging a master bedroom is "very important" and second only to the living room. How people live and spend their time has certainly changed throughout the years. More people do their jobs from home, and work/life balance can be challenging. Staging bedrooms needs to be much about the wow factor than showing the purpose of a space or how a room can hold furniture; it needs to filled with positive emotional triggers. Here are some of ways to create a beautiful Master bedroom experience that also addresses the room's purpose and adds value to a home:

1. Light and bright is best for setting good vibes

Many people feel/believe that a dark room results in a greater quality sleep. However, when staging bedrooms, incorporating brightness and light colors is recommended. Light walls and decor will make the space feel larger, reflect more light and create a happy vibe for the room. Use pops of color as accents, and keep linens and furniture as light as possible.

Light Bright Master Bedroom Staging

Photo credit: Lisa Sherry


2. Luxury staging does not mean million dollar listing

Always remember not to skimp on small details which give a luxurious and upscale feel.  The Master Bedroom and Bathroom should feel clean,  cohesive with current trends, stress-free, and exude a relaxing vibe. A little bit of bedroom staging goes a long way! For example, Add a mattress pad so everything looks extra plush and buy a new comforter set. Stack sleeping pillows with crisp pillowcases, behind bed set matching pillow cases, and two to three decorative accent pillows for a luxurious zen feel.

Master Bedroom Sitting Area Zen Staging

Photo Credit: Valerie M. Brown | Realtor

3. When space allows, always create a sitting area

This bedroom staging technique transforms a basic bedroom into a master's suite. In short, a sitting area is another point of focus and relaxation. This can be as simple as adding a bench at the foot of the bed, two chairs, and a small table or, depending on the space, a sofa or love seat. Having a separate area to relax can really go farther than you think, large families need space to call their own.

Master Bedroom Sitting Space Open Feel staging

Photo Credit: Valerie M. Brown | Realtor

4. Mirrors add purpose, open up space, reflect light

A well-positioned floor mirror shows off the furnishing placement. Mirrors installed behind nightstands can add a design aspect and make the room feel larger. For example, this is especially useful for smaller spaces, because it feels larger and more open and reflects light well. And if you can, hang the mirror separately from the dresser or lean it against a wall with safety bumpers. These staging techniques will add originality to the dresser's look and a nice dimension to the room's overall style.

5. Properly scaled headboards, simple art complete staging 

Incorporating headboards with character and properly scaled art are important staging elements, as they visually can make a space feel grander and more dramatic. Depending on the home's architecture and style, we often create headboards using large art, room screens, and mirrors.

Bedroom with multiple wall mirrors hung up to reflect light staging

Photo credit: Karen Post, Home Frosting


Primary bedroom designs Modern Traditional

Modern Gray Primary Bedrooms Stylish

Modern Gray Bedrooms

Staging & Showing

These are just techniques and staging tips to use which should help with your listing going to SOLD quickly.   In Summary, when considering selling  your home; think, I am going to be living here and showing? If so try to practice these staging tips on every bedroom. On the other hand, if your home is vacant, don't worry about staging all of the bedrooms in the home, just the Master Bedroom.  The master bedroom deserves extra attention, as it's likely the buyer will spend a good bit of time there. Master Bedrooms and Master Bathrooms rank high on Buyers want lists. And remember—none of this matters if you price your home to high over market value.


For sellers, what a great time to sellInventory is low and motivated buyers are looking for houses for sale. Sellers don't have competition with as many property owners. Some would be sellers have decided to wait out the pandemic, but more and more buyers enter the market. This only further pushes the pricing point higher due to tight supply. Check your home's value here! or CONTACT ME HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION! 


For buyers, the inventory is slowly increasing and mortgage rates are at historic all-time lows, record-breaking never seen before lows. Buyers are out in force taking full advantage of their higher than usual purchasing power. It is a win-win scenario for both sellers and buyers. CONTACT ME HERE to get started!