Nevada!  The name alone strikes chords of glitz, glamour, gold, and gambling! This is a big thanks to Las Vegas, Nevada’s largest city.

What's interesting is many retirees set their sights out west on the good ol’ Silver State for entirely different reasons. While the climate, landscapes, and outdoor activities are nice, the real reason comes down to money. Nevada has a lot to offer; affordable homes, a low cost of living, low property tax rates, no state income tax and no inheritance tax. Now that's what we call a  winning combination for many, especially those on a fixed income.

Las Vegas specifically is a prime location for those looking for a more reasonable cost of living. Especially when considering all the neighboring West Coast states. Retirees will find there are many communities, which make you forget you are in Las Vegas. There are also a variety of age restricted communities which may be more ideal for some retirees.

Active retirement communities, provide a variety of amenities, such as golfing to clubs or groups, to facility usage and lifestyle programming. Along with amenities there are usually restrictions, requiring at least one resident be of a certain age, usually 55. The best part of a Las Vegas retirement community would be all the things you can you do inside of and outside of the community.

Retirement communities are no longer just a place for those seniors looking to slow down, but rather trends imply exactly the opposite.  People over 55 are choosing to move earlier than ever to destination senior communities for security, personal safety, transportation, lifestyle and to be closer to peers..

Overall the largest draw to Nevada for anyone is no state income tax and no inheritance tax. This leaves retirees and others with more money to enjoy. Low taxes are a main underlying driving factor, yet is rarely what you think of when you say Nevada. These factors are what helps bring not only retirees here, but everyday people who want to keep more of their money too.