wall paint

Paint can make a tremendous visual difference in a home and is a fantastic way to change how the space looks and feels instantly. However, when you’re selling your home, selecting a neutral paint palette can help buyers better visualize themselves living there. As a result, choosing a neutral paint palette can help appeal to a more extensive range of buyers and help your home sell faster and even at a higher asking price.

Avoid statement colors – to an extent
Even though paint is the most straightforward feature of a home to change, bright statement colors, such as reds, oranges and purples, can leave some buyers with a negative impression. If you’re drawn to these bright colors, consider painting over them in more neutral hues before listing your home so that the home can appeal to a larger audience. Even painting the whole house a creamy, warm white can create a blank slate that allows the home’s other features to shine through so that the buyers can focus on the more essential home features, such as size, location, layout and other pertinent factors. Benjamin Moore’s White Dove and Swiss Coffee are two tried and true warm white paint colors.

Keep the house current
Neutral hues are always timeless, but on-trend colors can also be captivating when applied wisely. For example, rich, deep colors are on-trend and can help a home feel up-to-date. For example, painting a library or office a deep shade of hunter green or rich navy can create an inviting, welcoming space.

Make it memorable
If there is a room with unique molding or a small space, lean into it and drench it in a single dark color that can pass as a neutral. This may be a rich deep gray or blue and can make buyers remember the space even after a busy day of showings.

Opt for warm colors
Warm paint colors are not only more inviting but are more on-trend. Cooler toned colors — particularly cooler grays — can make a home feel dated. Conversely, warm colors feel more welcoming, safe, and comforting and evoke a feeling of home.

Create a cohesive color palette
Unifying the colors throughout the house will help the home feel intentional, organized and calm. In addition, it can remove the focus from the color and allow buyers to focus on the home’s primary selling points.

Maximize natural light
Natural light in a home instantly makes a room feel more beautiful and brighter and will illuminate the room. Hanging the curtains higher, opening up window treatments, moving furniture away from the windows and cutting back the exterior shrubbery or greenery are all ways to allow more sunlight to illuminate the space.